Wednesday, 26 August 2015

DaisyTrail CraftScape Country Garden

Hi everyone.

I promise I won't mention the weather! British summers are something of an enigma, aren't they?

I'm still on my run of things going wrong in the house. A couple of days ago I was woken at 5am by a loud and regular beeping noise which was impossible to sleep through. At first I thought it was the battery in the smoke alarm but it turned out to be the carbon monoxide detector telling me it had reached the end of its life. (At least it wasn't telling me I'd reached the end of mine.)

I tried everything to make it stop or to loosen it from the wall but to no avail. In the end I had to go down to the garage in my nightwear, fetch a large hammer and give it a few good thumps. I've not heard a peep out of it since but of course, now I need to get a new one.

Thank goodness for the sanity of crafting although once again that has been on the back burner and it's been another week of designing. I couldn't resist buying another of the wonderful CraftScape digikits in the DaisyTrail summer sale the other week and this time it was the lovely Country Garden digikit. Like all the CraftScape kits, the artwork is fantastic and makes you feel like a watercolour artist even when you are anything but.

I have three projects to share with you, all of which demonstrate the versatility of the kit and how you can do both simple and complicated designs. The first is a square card using one of my favourite embellishments, the gorgeous poppy. I didn't put a background on this card but left it white to add to the watercolour painting effect.

The second project was considerably more complicated. I used a Public Domain photo of some beautiful cherry blossom trees in a park and resized it to fit an A5 landscape page. I then copied the photo and put one on top of the other. Next I placed three blossom tree embellishments from the digikit on top of the photos and added a different blend mode from my Craft Artist Professional software to each tree.

The kit contains a number of flower bed embellishments and I used those for my foreground, rotating and then blending them in to look like grass. More blend modes were added and a digital frame put round the whole picture. I found an appropriate quote by googling "quotes about blossom".

Here is the original photo and underneath it is my project which I think would make an attractive piece of home decor.

Finally, another much more simple project. In fact this card front only took about ten minutes to design as I used one of the ready-made toppers from the kit as well as some of the word art which meant I only had to add the background, a piece of digital material, the stitching and the extra embellishments and it was done. Sometimes the simplest things can be the most effective.

I really enjoy working with the Craftscape kits and cannot recommend them highly enough whether you are new to digital crafting or a seasoned pro.

Have a great couple of  weeks and I'll see you soon.

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