Sunday, 20 October 2013

Debbi Moore Designs Paris Bookazine

Hi everyone.

Life has not been going too well for me recently and unfortunately my crafting and designing, not to mention my health, has suffered considerably as a result. However, I wanted to put one or two projects on my blog that I completed before I went AWOL and hopefully, some new stuff will be coming along soon.

I love the Debbi Moore Designs Bookazines. They are such good value for money as they are literally packed with background papers, toppers and embellishments, as well as really inspirational project ideas. You also get a free CD which means that when you've used up all the materials in the Bookazine, you can print them out again as many times as you wish.

TOP TIP: I find it a lot easier to get at the toppers and embellishments that I want by opening the staples in the centre of the Bookazine, removing all the double sheets and then cutting them down the middle.

This is actually my first ever "stepper" card and all the materials come from the Shabby Chic Paris Bookazine. It is my own take on a stepper card as for some reason, I prefer not to have the side pieces sticking up. I used a Tonic Petal Pairs Punch for the flowers and managed to do the whole card from just half a topper sheet and one sheet of background paper, so I have plenty left for another card in the same design.


Copyright Melissa Lawrence 2013

And here is the other card! I set myself the challenge of only using the rest of the sheet (plus some card stock and some bling from my stash) and succeeded with just a small strip of backing paper and a blank sentiment left over. I'm particularly pleased with the difference that just a touch of glitter on the mirror has made and the way the printed red rose and the faux silk red rose have added balance to the card. It is amazing to think that both these cards have come from just one topper sheet and one backing paper sheet. Definitely great value for money.

Copyright Melissa Lawrence 2013

And just for good measure, here are both cards together.

Copyright Melissa Lawrence2013

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