Friday, 27 September 2013

Rose Scrapbook Page

Hi everyone.

I wasn't going to put this scrapbook page on my blog but then I thought, why not? I hope it is a fitting tribute to my friend Rosemary Bond whom I'd known for over 40 years and who sadly passed away on September 1st 2013.

Various digikits have been used and the photo is of a rose from my garden that was originally pink before I put lots of blends on it. You can't really tell on the screen but it does look quite 3D from certain angles.

RIP Rose xxx

Copyright Melissa Lawrence 2013

Vintaj Forest Lore Digikit

Hi everyone.

Well, I'm back after a very difficult month where I lost my best friend to cancer, completely ran out of money and had an infected cyst on my head. I certainly won't be sorry to see the back of September!

Before things went so pear-shaped, I was inspired by a TV programme about prog rock album covers in the 1970s to have a go at designing one of my own. Unfortunately, since the advent of CDs and downloads, the album cover has become something of a lost art but I thought I'd give it a go, anyway.

I chose the Vintaj Forest Lore digikit because I felt the imagery and the colours really lent themselves to that slightly weird, mystical and ethereal type of music which I actually hated at the time!

I put various blends from Craft Artist Pro2 onto the goddess's "body" to give it a strange glow and also to make the colours like a stained glass window to fit in with the spiritual theme. I decided there was a lot of life, growth and nature stuff going on but I deliberately included the dead trees and the upside down frog to symbolise the end of life, too.

The title for the "album" came to me after I'd completed the design which is clearly not the right way round but then who cares? It was just an experiment really and although it's not quite (!) in The Dark Side of the Moon category, I'm pretty pleased with my first attempt at album cover design. Now all I need to do is wait for the 12 inch vinyl record to make a massive comeback!

Copyright Melissa Lawrence 2013