Monday, 13 July 2015

DigiFiddle Designs A Fragrant Memory Digikit

Hi everyone.

Phew! That was a scorcher, wasn't it? Of course, if you are reading this in Iceland (the country not the shop) you are probably wondering what I'm talking about. I didn't know my thermostat went up to 30 degrees but clearly it does. Anyway, I'm pleased to say it is a lot cooler at the moment which I realise must be very galling for those of you who love the hot weather.

A combination of the heat and a certain televised tennis tournament have made crafting a distant memory this last couple of weeks but possibly because it doesn't require quite so much physical effort, I have managed to do a reasonable amount of designing.

Up to now, I've always purchased my digikits from DaisyTrail but in a moment of reckless abandon I downloaded a couple from a site I discovered recently called DigiFiddle Designs.The store owner is Anne Nelson and the beautiful digikits are mainly based on her own photos which she hand-paints digitally. The kits are incredibly well-priced and there are lovely free kits, too. You will need Craft Artist Professional to be able to access the digikit content but if you are already into digital crafting, you probably have it anyway.

This week's project is a piece of digital art (or home decor) which I created using A Fragrant Memory, one of the free digikits. There are some gorgeous hand-painted style floral embellishments here as well as one or two more quirky additions such as a steamer trunk and some old fashioned wine bottles. I combined some of the elements from the kit with a couple of photographs of my roses, using one on the background and one on the journalling paper. I sourced the quote from the internet and was so pleased to find it as I think it finishes off the design really well.

I hope you get the weather you want this week!

Copyright Melissa Lawrence 2015

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