Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Memories Digital Art

Hi everyone.

It's a bit windy out there! The weather forecasters have described it as "unseasonal" although I'm not sure we really have seasons any more. After all, it is the beginning of June.

I was sorting out yet more old photographs this morning and came across a lovely photo of a woman called Rene Lowe who was a friend of my mother's way, way back in the day. I don't know anything about her except that later on in life she lived in a windmill. We used to drive past it sometimes when I was a child and I remember being very disappointed that it didn't have any sails.

I wanted to use the photo for a design project using Craft Artist Professional 2 but it didn't really feel right to do a scrapbook page so I settled for a piece of digital art instead. This week, I have been looking at all the beautiful artwork on the My Craft Studio "Quintessential Country Garden" CD-Rom which is rapidly turning into one of my all time favourite MCS CDs (and I have lots!) and it felt like a good fit for the photo.

I used an enlarged insert from the stationery section of the CD for the main background and overlaid it with a section of a script style embellishment. I then took the photo into the Cut Out Studio and used a blend mode and a glow edge to blend it into the background. The CD has some beautiful "photo real" flowers on it which matched the insert so I imported them into CAP2 and layered them up on their corresponding flower on the background. All I needed to do then was add the butterflies, a few gems and the title. I hope Rene would have liked it!

This will be my last craft blog post for a couple of weeks as much as I enjoy making projects for the blog and writing about them, I'm finding it a bit much having to make a blog project every week. Also, I'm at a stage where I really need to be posting on my writing blog much more regularly than I have been doing so I plan to alternate between crafting and writing each week.

So I'll see you in a fortnight. Happy crafting!

Copyright Melissa Lawrence 2015

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